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Berlioz: Essay on Beethoven's symphonies

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Biography – Pitika Ntuli

This strategy addresses individual learning styles by having students use different media such as text, images, or video to analyze or comment on a work of literature. For example, readers can follow a procedure like this one:

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For almost a century, European artists have appropriated African images and forms, recognising their expressive and emotional power. Yet the intellectual and philosophical traditions of African art and culture are ignored. Pitika Ntuli’s work challenges the arrogance of European culture and stands it on its head. The dialectical themes inherent in Pitika Ntuli’s work reverberate long after leaving it. The tension between tradition and modernity, Africa and Europe, subjectivity and collective action are ultimately crucial to all our lives. This is what gives the work its compelling power and originality.


The small font size of the student's copy of The Call of the Wild presented a media-specific barrier since the student could not clearly see the words on each page.

Identifying the smell of freshly cut grass and recognizing a familiar voice over the phone are everyday examples of your recognition network in action.

As part of the inquiry-based instructional unit on green energy, students were responsible for collecting information about the school's energy efficiency, developing at least three recommendations, and presenting these recommendations to the school board.

The teacher used the Noam Chomsky line from Syntactic Structures , "Colorless green ideas sleep furiously" as an example of the importance of syntax.

An instructional activity that takes place in the form of a dialogue between teachers and students regarding segments of text. The dialogue is structured by the use of four strategies: summarizing, question generating, clarifying, and predicting. The teacher and students take turns assuming the role of teacher in leading this dialogue.

In here you will see examples on different subjects in certain formatting styles and of different kinds of essays. They serve to show you the ideal to which you should look to, but on no condition should be copy/pasted and passed as your own, as in this case it will be regarded as plagiarism and your work will receive the lowest grade, which will greatly affect your reputation.

Each academic level has its requirements as for style, grammar, vocabulary as well as analytical skills. In this section you will find teachers 8767 expectations from students at each level and will get to know peculiarities of all of them.

The student, who is visually impaired, relies on several different forms of accessible instructional materials in order to access her printed textbooks. She prefers to use a Braille format in the classroom and an audio format at home.

Torture is part of a ceremony that reveals the truth of a crime. The trial is initially a hidden process. But a tradition of rules of evidence existed: there were different degrees of proof. Now these degrees relate to the juridical effects or the outcome of the trial. Penal investigation was written, secret and subject to rules. It was a machine that might produce the truth in the absence of the accused. But a confession removed the need for further investigation. A confession transforms an investigation from a process carried on against the criminal to a voluntary affirmation. The ambiguity of the confession explains the means used to obtain it: the oath and judicial torture.

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