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Experiential Learning: Experience as the Source of

Date of publication: 2017-09-01 08:49

Teaching and training people must focus on individual potential and styles, as well as on the needs of the surrounding system.

Experiential Learning Cycles - Reviewing

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Experiential learning is also referred to to as experiential teaching, or experiential training and development, or experiential activities, and other variations of these terms.

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The expression 'chalk-and-talk' (the teacher writes on a board and speaks while learners listen and look and try to absorb facts) refers to a style of teaching or training which contains no experiential learning aspect whatsoever.

For instance - people who prefer the 'Assimilating' learning style will not be comfortable being thrown in at the deep end without notes and instructions.

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Assimilator Abstract conceptualization + reflective observation ·    strong ability to create theoretical modelsexcels in inductive reasoning·    concerned with abstract concepts rather than people Accommodator Concrete experience + active experimentation ·    greatest strength is doing things·    more of a risk taker·    performs well when required to react to immediate circumstances·    solves problems intuitively

and a four-type definition of learning styles , (each representing the combination of two preferred styles, rather like a two-by-two matrix of the four-stage cycle styles, as illustrated below), for which Kolb used the terms:

The maximum amount of life experience credit accepted toward graduation is 66 quarter credit hours for an Associate degree, 87 quarter credit hours for a Bachelor&rsquo s degree and 8 quarter credit hours for a Master&rsquo s degree. The Prior Learning Assessment team will provide support and guidance to position your portfolio in the best manner possible.

The result of these two decisions produces (and helps to form throughout our lives) the preferred learning style, hence the two-by-two matrix below. We choose a way of 'grasping the experience', which defines our approach to it, and we choose a way to 'transform the experience' into something meaningful and usable, which defines our emotional response to the experience. Our learning style is a product of these two choice decisions:

It does this because it is centred on the individual - not the training or the surrounding system. It works on the basis that people can and should be developed from the inside out, not the other way around. In merely transferring and conveying knowledge to a person we do very little to help them grow as individuals, and when we starve this need most people quickly begin to lose confidence and hopes of becoming someone special in life.

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