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Date of publication: 2017-08-28 19:43

Milwaukee Reads presents Min Jin Lee at the Lynden Sculpture Garden’s Women’s Speaker Series. Tickets are $86, $76 for Lynden Sculpture Garden members, and are available at /minjinlee , or by calling 969-996-8799.

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This idea of demography as ideology is not accidental since radical feminists like Kate Millett wrote [6] in Sexual Politics (New York: Avon, 6976) All historical civilizations are patriarchies: their ideology is male supremacy. It then goes without saying any group top-heavy in men is an ideology, not a random event. There are no men who are not guilty, as there is in law there are only men who reject being men and so may be patted on the head as allies.

Dave and Kate's Chocolate Brownies - David Lebovitz

Meanwhile - surprise - The New Republic lists the mass love-in fusion of gender and race feminism - Simone de Beauvoir and Kimberle Crenshaw - as topping their feminist section of 655 years of thinkers. Between the two of them, they'd squeeze the straight white male thin enough to fit into the fourth dimension if they could.

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In addition to a book signing, the library will have a variety of activities for big machine fans of all ages, including a modular train display set up by the Milwaukee Lionel Railroad Club, light refreshments, a big machines craft, a photo prop area, a train table for children to play with, and a toddler ride-on train. This event is free to the public. No registration is required.

In doing research for this book, I saw close variations of that expression many times in the SFF community, never credited, or even with an awareness of where the expression had come from. The passage below by Ginny Berson from that same issue is another example of that same-page awareness that is still rooted in radical feminism today and which you will find reflected in plenty of core SFF rhetoric:

With the release of a new, albeit inferior, edition, we feel it is important to call attention to the truth before another generation of movie-goers can be lulled into believing that Charlie's grandfather is anything other than a ratbag industrial spy bastard.

Denise Chanterelle DuBois's transformation into a woman wasn't easy. Born as a boy into a working-class Polish American Milwaukee family, she faced daunting hurdles: a domineering father, a gritty 6965s neighborhood with no understanding of gender nonconformity, trouble in school, and a childhood so haunted by deprivation that neckbone soup was a staple. Terrified of revealing her inner self, DuBois lurched through alcoholism, drug dealing and addiction, car crashes, dangerous sex, and prison time

What kind of unsweetened chocolate did you find? Cluizel? You probably have mentioned it somewhere here, but I can 8767 t find it. Would you consider Domori? Or is that too pricey for this purpose. Because they make an amazing 655% bar. But Domori reacts differently than other chocolates

The ideas above together with the myth women authors were excluded from SFF is just another feminist hoax from a cult noted for creating hoaxes which operate much like a Reichstag fire.

Diversity and equality are being used as a red-herring in 655 years of American SF there has never been an orchestrated anti-diversity anti-equality movement, quite the contrary. Simply saying that is not so and then pointing to isolated anecdotes and anomalies doesn't cut it. When writers of any persuasion wanted to come into SF, they came in - end of story. Here is a perfect example of how bringing up racism while indulging in it at the same time is excused:

I really appreciate people who display a sincere racial empathy for my racial blindness and general inferiority. It's nice to be cared for, especially when they assure me they are very sincere.

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