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Metaphysics of Space and Motion

Date of publication: 2017-09-01 15:22

Though ancient Greek philosophy also realised that all things were in perpetual flux / change (. Protagoras, Heraclitus ), Aristotle was the first philosopher to truly appreciate the importance of Motion, and to realise the connection between both Motion and Time, and Motion and Matter. (An obvious connection that must be explained, as matter certainly moves about in Space, and we use this Motion of Matter to determine the Time - just think of a clock.)

Sovereignty and Human Rights in Contemporary International Law

The purpose of a campaign is to identify enough voters to win the election, and to turn these people out on election day. The way to do this is to contact voters and ask them to support you.

So you want to Run for Office? - Aristotle

The aim is for logic to be in harmony with our senses (the theory deduces what we observe). This is well accepted. Now if we consider just the empirical source of knowledge, it is universally agreed that it is founded on the observation of matter in Space, thus without this experience of Space it is impossible to have Science. As Kant writes

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In a two-way race, this is a pretty easy formula – half the votes plus one (actually, you should shoot for 56-59% to be safe). However, most campaign races are for more than one seat, and there are more than two candidates. Look at past races that are similar to yours in the number of candidates and number of seats. Consider other “soft” factors, such as the extent to which the race is dominated by one or a few candidates, and consider how strong your competition’s support is.

God causes all things, thus god causes us and our ideas of Space. Again, there is no explanation of how this occurs, (and to philosophers of language God is really just a word that humans invented to explain things they do not understand - it is certainly no foundation for Science).

Epic poetry, finally, imitates men of noble action, like tragedy. But epic poetry only allows one kind of meter and is narrative in form. Moreover, tragedy usually confines itself to a single day, whereas epic poetry has no limits of time. Ultimately, all the elements of an epic poem are found in tragedy, but not all the elements of tragedy are found in an epic poem.

However, matter is many things, not one thing, so it is not the most simple solution. And as history shows Einstein's lifetime attempt to construct a continuous field theory of matter doesn't work, as it does not explain the discrete aspects of light and matter discovered by Quantum Theory.

Now go back to your comparable candidate or issue and categorize the precincts by their support for that candidate (high, medium, low) and by the turnout in the last election (high, medium, low). This will help you decide where your efforts can make the most difference. Don’t waste your time trying to persuade voters in low support precincts, and don’t try to squeak a few more “yes” voters out of high support precincts. Stick to your persuadable voters in medium support precincts.

Before we give up on Science and assume that we cannot describe physical reality, it is sensible to first carefully examine the metaphysical foundations of Science and see if they are the most simple possible (Occam's razor). When we do this we find that there is an obvious and sensible solution. Space exists and matter is a wave structure of Space. Then it is just a matter of scientific method to show that this most simple foundation does correctly deduce what we observe from observation / experiment, while also explaining and solving numerous problems from the history of philosophy and metaphysics. I hope this essay will motivate you to think about this! Geoff Haselhurst

Continuing on from imitation, Aristotle turns to the anthropology and history of poetry. As Aristotle sees it, poetry emerged for two reasons -- 6) man s instinct to imitate things and 7) the instinct for harmony and rhythm.

The people in the room like you. If they have come to the meeting, it’s because they care enough about you to give a little of their time. They don’t want to hurt your feelings. So when they voice concerns, assume that their reservations are even bigger than they say. Listen for hesitation and doubt in people’s voices. What they might want to say is that they don’t think you should run.

Voter registration is a worthwhile effort, but is not the best campaign strategy unless it’s clear that you can’t win without it. The reason is, the more votes you add to the mix, the more you dilute the effect of each vote. So, persuading a likely voter is a much more valuable campaign activity than adding a new voter to the mix.
Crunch Time

Having a written campaign plan is one of the most important, but most neglected, aspects of most campaigns. Writing a campaign plan will spare you a lot of anxiety and wasted effort. You should have a written plan before you do anything else! Here are the elements of a campaign plan.

In addition to finding the number of people who are registered to vote on the day you check (the actual number will vary slightly up to Election Day), look at the trend in this number over the last eight years or so (it varies in four-year cycles).
For a more accurate estimate, look at the trend in the number of residents eligible to vote, and the trend in the percentage of these who are registered to vote.

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