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There are only two parts to a drama, says Aristotle - the complication and the denouement. More simply, the complication begins with an inciting incident, a trigger that puts a chain of events in motion. At some point the chain reaches a climax, where the hero s fortunes must irreversibly turn from good to bad (a tragedy) or bad to good (a comedy). The denouement (or unraveling) is simply the end of this transformation that begins at the climax.

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Aristotle s definition of diction is revelatory even in contemporary academic circles, because it subjugates speech to action without condition. For Aristotle, action is always paramount - even without speech at all, one could create a perfectly sustainable, even masterful drama. Speech, then, must be seen as an action in itself and not a complement to action.

Mathematicians have sought knowledge in figures, Philosophers in systems, Logicians in subtleties, and Metaphysicians in sounds. It is not in any nor in all of these. He that studies only men, will get the body of knowledge without the soul, and he that studies only books, the soul without the body.

Aristotle moves on to diction next, or the expression of thought through speech. Speech can be divided into a) proof and refutation, b) excitation of feelings (pity, fear, and anger), or c) the suggestion of importance. Indeed, action can be divided similarly - but the difference between action and speech is that action can stand alone without exposition, while speech depends on the effect of the speech in order to gain a result. The speech, in itself, is an action.

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Aristotle also suggests that a poet construct a general outline and then fill in episodes and detail. Thus, a poet can work out a play s essence, and then focus on the episodes that will support this essence and in effect, create unity.

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