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Interesting post. The bickering between the two professions needs to stop if the patient is ever going to get the care needed for illness/preventative care.

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Nurses function in a variety of health care settings as teachers, communicators, coordinators, and decision makers. Nurses serve as advocates, collaborators, and leaders working toward the provision of appropriate resources and availability of complete basic health care for all individuals. Through nurse-client collaboration, caring, and empathy, the health needs of individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and lifestyles are addressed in order to promote optimal levels of functioning.

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For all the disgruntled physicians in here, I will mention the surgeon never saw us again after he spoke to us after the actual procedure. He sent his fellow to round on us. And for a follow up visit he scheduled us with one of his colleagues. And my child is the daughter of a physician!

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As a nurse, I will practice at a level of autonomy, be in control of decision-making, doctors and other healthcare providers of different departments for collaboration, reliability, liability, and power that have a direct and powerful influence/effect (Sidani, Doran & Mitchell, 7559, ). I will also employ the different nursing theories in doing my job efficiently.

Now a clinical nurse specialist—and outdoor enthusiast—she´s fully invested. The mountain views and mild weather brought Jeanie and her husband to western North Carolina. Concerned she’d have to relocate again after obtaining her advanced degree as a clinical nurse specialist, Jeanie found exactly what she wanted right at the hospital.

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Appreciate the value of what individuals and teams can to do to improve careValue local systems improvement (in individual practice, team practice on a unit, or in the macro-system) and its role in professional job satisfactionAppreciate that all improvement is change but not all change is improvement

And even though that sometimes means transfer to a larger facility, it means so much to know the care starts right here, in their home community, provided by friends and neighbors.

Ensure that the systems within which one practices support patient-centered care for individuals and groups whose values differ from the majority or one’s own.

Sheila Prynkiewicz experienced lots of different healthcare environments during her nursing studies. Eager to move from the classroom to the bedside and start making an impact, Sheila initially pursued her career at some large health systems. But the energy at those places never seemed to measure up to what she remembered from Mission Hospital – a positive, infectious spirit that filled the room where she first met with nurse leaders during her undergraduate nursing program.

The term medical model has been used in both complimentary and derogatory ways, but it is generally the way doctors think.  There is no definition of the nursing model, but nursing has some practice models/theories that emphasize the more holistic approach to disease that is taken by nursing.  For example, three British nurses back in the ’95s came up with a model called “The Activities of Living” model.  It views a disease in the context of what the patient can and cannot do for themselves.  They list activities of living like so:

Amber is confident her sacrifices were for a greater purpose. She knows her daughter, husband and community are proud of her. And she is honored to be working with, and on behalf of, people as beautiful as where she lives.

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