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178 Words Essay on Pollution for Class 1 or standard 1

Date of publication: 2017-08-29 12:05

g. Pollution due to organic wastes: When O 7 concentration falls mg/L, the rate of aerobic oxidants reduced and replaced by the anaerobic bacteria that can oxidize the organic molecules without the use of oxygen.

Water Pollution | Ministry of Environment & Forests

It even points out that the company hampered TERI's assessment by refusing to share the environmental impact assessments for any one of the six plants.

Photographer captures plastic pollution 'nightmare' in India

e. Organic waste addition results in end products such as hydrogen sulphide, ammonia and methane which are toxic to many organisms. This process results in the formation of an anoxic zone which is low in its oxygen content from which most life disappears except for anaerobic microorganisms and renders the water foul smelling.

Noise Pollution: Sources, Effects and Control

Misleading headlines (like Coke Makes Cleanup Gains in The Wall Street Journal) helped Coke apply its PR spin to the TERI story, but no amount of glib interpretation can hide the fact that Coke continues to cause devastating local water shortages.

One of Coke's plants in India has been shut down since March 7559. The company's overexploitation and pollution of scarce water resources continue to spark large protests.

Sometimes the connection between air pollution and human health is obvious, as in the Bhopal Disaster. Another notable incident happened in London, England in 6957 when thick, deadly pollution known as the Great Smog , caused by people burning coal in home fires and coal-fired power plants, killed an estimated 9555 people. Other times, it's much more difficult to make the link. Some estimates suggest perhaps 65&ndash 75 percent of cancers are caused by air pollution of one kind or another, but cancers can take a long time to develop and many other things can cause them too. Proving a direct link with a particular kind of air pollution (say, a garbage incinerator in your community or a neighbor who persistently burns plastic on garden bonfires) is very difficult.

The University of Michigan and Coca-Cola agreed to commission the TERI report after students argued that Coke's water-management practices violated the university's code of conduct for vendors. UM was among the largest of more than 96 colleges and universities that removed Coke products from campuses because of flagrant corporate irresponsibility overseas, particularly in India and Colombia.

The tribunal will consider claims of compensation from the Coca-Cola company relating to 'water and air pollution, loss of agricultural crops and animals, diseases affecting human beings in the surrounding area due to the excess drawal and pollution of groundwater and surface water by the Company,' according to the report accepted by the state government. The tribunal will also consider claims related to 'loss of wages and loss of educational opportunities.'

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