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So, in short, if you want to know more, talk more, or share your experiences with me (because I 8767 ve still got lots to learn, especially about how to reach an audience for a finished book), feel free to contact me at:
postbox AT hamish macdonald DOT com.

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Add to this the fact that its text was never as nice as my old cheap laser printer, and its colour output couldn 8767 t match my mum 8767 s home printer.

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Cut a piece of cover cloth or paper a little bit larger than the size of these boards, allowing some gutter-room between the boards since your cover will need to hinge open and closed easily. Cut a small bit off the four corners diagonally so they won 8767 t bunch up when folded, brush glue on the inside edge, and tuck them in, pressing down so they stay flat. Cut two pieces of decorative paper the same size as your book 8767 s pages and fold them with their fancy side facing inward.

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Wow! I am just getting ready to begin self-publishing, and this article was the best. Thank you for taking the time to pass on the information, including the links for ClickBook and the ISBN 8767 s. Other than cost, do you have any other issues with QuarkXPress?

I thoroughly recommend this technique to anyone interested in speeding up and improving their book production. Just be REALLY careful with the chisel you could have a finger off without even knowing it. And the cleanly cut pages might leave a nasty paper cut as well.

So for someone starting out, I don 8767 t think this is something to be too concerned about (. your book won 8767 t be 8775 broken 8776 if you fold against the grain). It strikes me more as a 8775 book artist 8776 concern.

Since traditionally, manga is published in perfect bound format, we 8767 ll be doing it that way. But before anything, I would like to ask a few question.

Ultimately, I have the odd page on which the text isn 8767 t perfectly straight-looking after I trim the book, but I figure these are hand-made books, and people appreciate that, so I try to resist my perfectionism and think of them as 8775 character 8776 .

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